Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sometimes things happen...

Once in a while there comes a time,
when I go a bit crazy from reading of crime,
and contract and tort and civil procedure
and if I read one more case I may have a seizure
Do you know me to ever break down and rhyme?
Or otherwise publicly moan, bitch and whine?
My pride does implore me my weakness not share,
but with newfound humility I find I don't care,
my ego in tatters, my mind in a haze,
I look forward to learning the rest of these days,
in a library so quiet, gloomy and still,
while outside the weather gets ever more chill,
but I trust and I hope that at some point, quite soon,
I'll have emerged from this mess a legal tycoon!
One last indulgence, I'll ask you to grant,
Forgive that last couplet, I just needed to rant.