Monday, October 26, 2009

I just found a use for...

Bourbon! Specifically, Bourbon Chicken. equal parts soy sauce and bourbon, mixed in with garlic, ginger and sugar, yield a marinade which is poured onto some chicken breasts. This mixture sits for several hours and is then placed into an oven and cooked, yielding a tender, sweet and savoury piece of meat and a thick sauce with which to coat it further and, perhaps, the rice you serve it with.

In theory.

In my case, the recipe lied and told me to put the chicken in the oven for an hour longer than necessary. I caught the mistake before the chicken was reduced to leather, but the sugar in the marinade seems to have...caught fire? It formed an unappealing burnt shell towards the edges of the cooking pan. Nonetheless, some scraping and reducing later, a viable sauce was had and added to the meal.

Indeed, its a great meal to whip up with 30 minutes of cooking, if you invest 10 minutes the day before. Other than rice, I imagine it would go well with some sort of sweet potato dish, given its saltiness. For sure, of all the things I make with chicken breast, its one of the most useful, keeping them moist while imparting a ton of flavor. All in all, I deem the experiment a success.

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