Thursday, April 30, 2009

Taking Stock

I like writing.

I tell myself this, and I tell it to others, and often I believe it. There is a tiny problem, though: I haven't written anything here in months, and my notebooks aren't doing much better. What the hell went wrong?

I'm not sure, of course. Perhaps it's because I felt I should be writing with a purpose, or perhaps my resolution to read more (which I'm following through on) has left me intimidated. What to write? How to write it? So many questions, and I don't have any answers! So, um, yeah, lets forget about answering them.

Cooking is fun, but it can also be frustrating. I roasted a chicken today, and its skin was leathery, somehow. Research indicates that to achieve a crisp skin, I need high enough heat to turn the collagen in the skin into gelatin, and then evaporate the water. Best I can tell, I did neither of these things. Next time: fire up the heat! Also, letting the bird dry out (if it isn't dry already) is supposed to help. I guess it really isn't a weeknight sort of thing.

I've been reading Bullfinch's Mythology. His primary concern was to share the tales of the Classical period so that contemporary readers might better understand the literature of the time. After any given myth, he'll include poetry that relates to it. It makes me want to give a hand at scribbling some verse.

Dogs in the Vineyard is a great game. I look forward to writing more about Brother Nehemiah and his struggle to do right for people he knows he did wrong. A-yup.

So, there we go, a few quick words on nothing and everything. I hope to share more and to share it more often.