Friday, December 12, 2008

On personal statements

I'm applying to law school, so I'm trying to get a personal statement ready for it. Generally these are essays about "Why I want to go to law school". My problem is I can't quite figure out what I should tell these people.

With Anannya's help, I've decided the approach is going to be a little more risky and personal. I can't afford to be conservative in my approach, with my less-than-stellar GPA and only adequate LSAT score. Knowing that is surprisingly unhelpful, though.

Should I tell them about what I'd like to do with the law degree? Should I focus on my desire to go through law student experience? If I focus on my personal development, does that make me seem too egotistical? If I focus on my desire to put a JD to work for the good of the country, does that make me seem too starry-eyed? Is there a way to cohesively bring all these ideas together in two double-spaced pages?

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